Mass Leafblowers Union Says No Mas to Ilegales on Martha’s Vineyard!

VEN (BOSTON) — Eddie Shapiro, president of the local 44 chapter of the International Brotherhood of Leafblowers, asked Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Thursday to immediately relocate the several dozen undocumented American citizens sent to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Rick DeSantis.

“That’s what Chelsea and Lawrence are for,” Mr Shapiro told reporters. “We don’t need these wetbacks blowing non-union leaves on The Vineyard and taking away jobs from hard working Americans!”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) agreed.

“Martha’s Vineyard is an iconic small New England town with a great deal of history and charm. I mean, come on! President Obama has a multi-million dollar estate there. The Kennedy’s have a massive family compound there.

“Carly Simon lives there! The Clintons vacation there!

“I’ve summered there with my husband for years! It’s just such a wonderful place!

“The last thing we need are a bunch of unkempt Mexicans on welfare walking around breaking into houses, stealing ice-cream cones from young girls, talking their Spanish gibberish, and generally just being a terrible nuisance to normal Americans!

“Good God — have you ever seen the way these people dress??! Or listened to their music??!

“They belong in public housing somewhere, preferably in Florida, where they can chase each other with machetes and drink their beer and their tequila all day, and watch dog fights!”

“My great grandfather fought at the Alamo with Daniel Boone to keep these people out of New England! I’d like to think he didn’t die in vain!”

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