Has Biden’s Disposable Presidency Exceeded Its Expiration Date?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Demented pedophile and careerist grifter Joe Biden may have finally filled one too many IPADS to capacity, as Deep State operatives and their compliant mockingbird press begin to move against him.

VEN‘s Managing Editor Perry White joins Hush Hush Magazine‘s Sid Hudgens to discuss the latest developments.

Perry White — So, Sid, let’s get right to it. It looks like Biden’s in the middle of a full-blown scandal orchestrated by the very cabal that put him in power with these unsecured classified top-secret documents that were suddenly discovered in his possession.

Sid Hudgens — Correctamundo, PW. Whether he realizes it or not, Pedo Joe is on the Night Train to the Big Adios.

PW — What do you think triggered this?

SH — Well, a lot of guys are saying on the QT that he’s so far gone that the cabal can’t keep propping him up anymore. I mean we have pictures of him in the shower with his daughter, his blind Honduran illegal immigrant housekeeper, Margorie Taylor Greene, Chuck Schumer, and not one but TWO German Shepherds.

And we can’t be sure, but it looks like Lindsay Graham and Hakeem Jeffries are snapping each other with towels in the background.

PW — Wow!

SH — Wow is right! We never should have been able to get that close to him, but his Secret Service detail hates him after he accused them of lying about his dog attacking them. In fact, they actually tipped us off about the shower events.

PW — Interesting. One of our sources inside the NSA told us that it was the bizarre dress that Jill wore in Mexico that pushed the cabal over the edge. I don’t know if you saw the pictures, but it looked like she stole a tablecloth from Taco Bell.

First Lady Jill Biden’s bizarre pixilated shirtwaist forced the press to check their digital cameras for low-battery distortions.

SH — I heard about that! By the way, GLAMOUR was set to release an entire Fashion Don’ts edition devoted to the First Lady’s many wardrobe catastrophes, just before the classified documents “scandal” broke, and then they buried the story.

PW — Well, maybe that explains the 500 million dollar contract GLAMOUR got from the Department of Homeland Security to produce a special When Girls Are Really Boys edition featuring Chas Bono and Janet Napolitano on the cover.

President Biden during his latest IPAD incursion. Note Justin Trudeau reacting to the seriousness of the situation and trying unsuccessfully to get away.

SH — Yeah, something happened, that’s for sure. And get this! Our sources in the Polish Secret Service told us that the incontinent pedophile had yet another massive Impervious Presidential Adult Diaper (IPAD) incursion during the Three Amigos Summit that put Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in fear for his life.

In fact, many in attendance thought it was an assassination attempt!

PW — So what do you think the endgame will be?

SH — Our Hush Hush confidential sources tell us that one of two things could happen. Scenario Uno — Biden is forced to step down due to “health concerns.” Harris becomes president and selects Hillary as Vice President. Hillary has Harris killed, making it look like a heart attack from the COVID MRNA vaccine, and then she finally becomes president and starts WWIII.

PW — And the second scenario?

SH — The second scenario is actually worse. Biden is forced to step down due to “health concerns.” Harris becomes another disposable president doing the work of the cabal, and then loses to Gavin Newsom in the primaries. Newsom gets 105% of the vote in the general election, becomes the next president, transitions to a woman, and turns the entire United States into West Hollywood!

PW — That’s terrible!

SH — You can say that again.

PW — And Jill Biden?

SH — Jill opens an OnlyFans account in partnership with The Dress Barn and ends up “losing” 2,500,000.00 (USD), half of which is then laundered back to her in an unumbered Swiss bank account from the Ukraine.

— End of Part One —