VEN EXCLUSIVE — Say What Again! Is White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre a US Citizen?

VEN (WASHINGTON)VEN Senior Immigration Correspondent Hildy Johnson reported late Saturday night that she could find no evidence online — including the Early Life section in Wikipedia, google, reddit, quora, Stack Exchange, and 4chan — or with anonymous confidential sources inside the Beltway — that Biden spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre — who was born in Martinique and came to the United States with her parents when she was five years old — ever became a naturalized US citizen.

“If true, this is truly groundbreaking and a cause for celebration,” one DNC operative explained to Ms Johnson during a “friends first” internet date at the Off The Record Bar at the Hay Adams Hotel Saturday night.

“It would be such an inspiration to the many undocumented Americans living in the shadows who can now say to themselves WOW! (or if an undocumented Latinx, Que Va!), if Ms Jean-Pierre — aside from being the first lesbian and person of color to become a presidential spokesperson — is also the first non-citizen to become a presidential spokesperson — it’s like, you know, so totally epic!

“And it means that this all-inclusive Biden administration becomes even more all-inclusive (like Musha Cay in the Bahamas!) and proves once again that the American dream is truly a reality for everyone, and not just something special reserved for so-called American citizens, which is a such a neo-colonial, imperialist uber trad concept that is so not relevant in the 21st century!”

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