BREAKING — Jackie Gleason To Be Removed From The Honeymooners!

VEN (HOLLYWOOD) — Chanting Fat Man Bad  and Justice For Alice, scores of angry Social Justice Warriors — many dressed as vaginas, diaphragms, and ligatured fallopian tubes — marched through West Hollywood Wednesday calling for an end to male cis-gendered institutionalized comedic violence against women.

“Repeatedly and callously threatening to send his wife to the moon, presumably with a series of devastating punches that would land the already battered Alice Kramden in the hospital — or worse — is not the kind of message we want to be sending to our transsexual, gender-fluid daughters and granddaughters and transitioning transsexual sons in the 21st century,” a furious Dr Ester Bronstein-Leopold-Loeb  told reporters at a press conference overlooking Mr Gleason’s defaced Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bronstein-Leopold-Loeb, an esteemed professor of  Gender-Fluid Studies at Princeton, and author of the New York Times bestseller F*CK  YOU, AVON LADY! explained that Jackie Gleason is just the beginning.

“We have list, a very long list of abusive male so-called characters we want to see removed from television reruns and films.  Jackie Gleason’s misogynistic Ralph Kramden character is just the beginning!

“This is the culture of hate that Trump has brought to America, and it’s absolutely sickening!

“And white supremacist neo-Nazi cis-gendered Republican men want to know why women take Zoloft and drink boxed wine and eat Activia all day long — as if they really cared!”