Meg “Texas Tower” Whitman To Take Over Reins At NewTV!

VEN (SAN FRANCISCO) — Subject of the best seller Mansplaining — When Emotional Intelligence Is Not Enough, and arguably one of the most incompetent CEOs in the history of CEOs,  Meg “Texas Tower”  Whitman will be heading up Jeffrey Katzenberg’s  new mobile media firm,  NewTV,  in what Short It Now magazine is calling one of the absolute WORST hires since IBM promoted  former  hand model  Ginnie Rometty — the so-called Neutron Bomb of Big Blue — to run the once powerful high-tech company directly into the ground.

As Short It Now‘s Senior Analyst Bud Fox told reporters Wednesday,  the Meg Whitman hire is a great opportunity for what he calls “de-vestors.”

Stop Me Before I Kill Again!

“This is looking more and more like the digital entertainment version of pump and dump.  The only way this hire  makes sense  is if Katzenberg wants to  salt NewTV’s stock, run it up, sell it off, and then take up a short position — which is exactly  what we’re recommending our clients do.

“Meg Whitman is the Typhoid Mary of the board room.   NewTV is ABSOLUTELY the best short opportunity of  2018 — and it’s still January!”