Fee Fie Fo Frum — Don Trumpiggins And The Unenchanted Bean Stalk!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — President Trump sent a combination of his #NeverTrump and Democrat cabinet members to the America Store to sell his political capital for a Wall with Mexico and an immigration plan that not only deports all illegal immigrants — including so-called DREAMERs — but also puts an end immediately to chain migration, anchor babies, and amnesty for people who are here illegally.

jack beanstalk
Illegal immigrant beholds the dream of no trabajar más and free everything in El Norte!

Instead — in direct contrast to the campaign promises that got him elected — President Trump got an American Last amnesty program that has infuriated his base.

And not one magic bean in return.

“He may indeed by playing 4-D Chess, but to stupid people like me,” one long-time Trump supporter told VEN‘s Senior White House Correspondent Julien Sorel Saturday, “it looks like the President is using something akin to a cumbersome,  irregular rook opening that will get him mated in less than ten moves.

“We elected what we thought was a Bobby Fisher, not some ordinary guy playing very bad speed chess on a bench in Central Park.”

DREAMERs entering El Norte illegally via the never-ending America Last, Democrat-funded magic bean stalk!

Unlike Mr Trump’s Progressive, Uniparty anti-Trump cabinet — which is a rare and confusing and bizarre thing for a Republican president to have —  many America First Trump supporters are advising the President not only to cut down the America Last,  Democrat-created magic bean stalk that is allowing illegal immigrants to swarm into the United States, but to send all the illegal immigrants who are in the United States  back to their native lands immediately.

Like he promised.

Developing . . . .