Davos Update — Germany’s Merkel Declares 2018 “Year of The Untermenschen”

VEN (Switzerland) — “Our moribund, so-called native German population suffers from the same afflictions as the over-bred Deutscher Schäferhund.  Thank God for our African and Muslim replacement population who will breathe new life into the New Germany!”

angela-merkel-refugees-sentinelSo began German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s impassioned speech to the world’s globalist cabal at the elite World Economic Forum (WEF),  held annually in Davos, Switzerland, where fabulously wealthy families and their political sycophants plot the undoing of what ordinary people refer to fatuously as The Civilized World.

“Tuberculosis, venereal disease, typhus, polio, virulent intestinal parasites, and public defectation — not to mention the rape gangs and violent extremists who assault and murder our so-called native Germans at will — is a SMALL price to pay for accommodating what in times past we might have referred to derisively as an invasion of untermenschen.

Nicht mehr!  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

“I proclaim 2018 the Year of the Untermenschen, and the dawn of a new age of  Untermenschen Lebensraum — not only in the New Germany and the EU, but — Praise Allah! —  in the entire so-called civilized future-former Western World!”

Developing . . . .