BREAKING! Deep State Launches Tet Offensive Against President!

VEN (WASHINGTON)The Washington Post/New York Times coordinating with 5th Column, Deep State operatives launched their Tet Offensive against the Trump Administration on Friday with two incredulous stories based on anonymous leaks designed to inflict maximum damage on Mr Trump,  as he begins his first foreign trip as President.Fake News

The WAPO/NYT hit peices followed baseless calls for the President’s impeachment after his firing of #NutJob FBI Director James Comey, and the appointment of a special prosecutor — former FBI Director Robert Mueller — to expand upon the fruitless 10-month FBI investigation into Russian tampering with the 2016 Presidential Election.anderson-cooper-in-his-underwear.jpeg

Unfortunately for the New Viet Cong, this time there is mika-brzezinski-angry-morningno trusted MSM father figure like Walter Cronkite to misread the outcome of what now appears to be a clear #MAGA victory for Mr Trump and his supporters, as the New Viet Cong MSM and Deep State have largely been discredited by reputable so-called alt-right media.

As for #MAGA supporters, one Trump loyalist told VEN, “For as long as it takes, #WeAreKheSanh!”