What I Did For Love

VEN (TAHITI) — Is the bromance heating up again between former President Obama and Future Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, after Ryan’s no-chance-of-passing RINO-Care bill fails to come to a vote in the House?

Unverifiable sources tell VNN, that a certain smiling Uniparty Congressman, on his way back from Tibet,  was spotted at The Brando on Sunday in a blue Speedo thong  cavorting with the former President on a Slip ‘N Slide at the secluded Walter Jenkins Villa where the former President is staying for a month without his wife.

Coincidentally, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office released the following graphic early Monday morning, explaining that Mr Ryan — undeterred by his failure to rally Republicans behind his own deeply flawed, designed to fail healthcare bill that was supposedly seven years in the making — spent Saturday re-energizing himself by rollerblading up and down Mt Everest in 4 hours, a new personal best.