Clinton Foundation Donates 56 Copies of “What Happened” To Haitian Relief

VEN (NEW YORK)VEN has learned  that former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton — through her family’s non-profit foundation — is donating 56 signed first editions of her book What Happened to the J/P Haitian Relief Organization.

The Clintons valued the donation at roughly 32 million USD.

Clinton Foundation interim spokesperson Dina Powell, told reporters Monday, that the in addition to the books, the Foundation is also donating former president Bill Clinton’s assorted stone-washed underwear and socks, three pairs of his used canvas Docksiders, an empty box of Upmann Repeater cigars, and a broken iPad, collectively valued at 12 million USD.

Ms Powell denied rumors that the donations were a quid pro quo deal with the Haitian government for favorable terms for 20 Comet Pizza franchises.

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