More Trouble In Paradise?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — The growing estrangement between president Trump and his wife Melania became painfully evident Friday, when — instead of kissing or embracing her after she introduced him at a US Air Force event in Washington — the President shook hands with her instead, and then literally pushed her off the stage, telling her, “You go sit down now.”

As one anonymous source told VEN’s Senior White House Correspondent Dirk Diggler, Mr Trump has had it with all the renegotiations of their prenuptial agreement.

“The First Lady now owns 45% of Trump’s holdings, including the golf cart concessions at all of his resorts world-wide.  Before Friday’s speech, the First Lady told the President she wants her own NFL franchise in 2020, or she’s moving back to Trump Tower immediately, which — by the way —  she successfully negotiated for the morning of his inauguration.”

Others, however, are not so sure.

“As a favor to the President’s daughter Ivanka, Mr Trump has been hypnotized by McMaster’s MK-ULTRA pals to think that the First Lady is Paul Ryan,” one former White House insider told VEN, “and that his young son Barron is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“So he avoids them, and spends all of his free time watching reruns of Green Acres, which he has been programmed to believe is a docudrama of his presidency,  after he and Ava Gabor relocated from New York to the nation’s capital in Hooterville.

“The First Lady has been devastated by this bizarre turn of events and wants the old Donald back.”