From Führer To Fraudster — Has Trump Betrayed His MAGA Base?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — The Trump Train entered a long and very dark tunnel Wednesday night, after a dinner meeting with “Nancy and Chuck” produced promises of amnesty for DREAMERS and what looks like the indefinite postponement of the much-heralded Wall on the Mexican border that was a hallmark of the President’s campaign.

As one anonymous source told VEN‘s senior White House Correspondent Dirk Diggler Thursday, the President misses New York,  his wife is tired of living in the White House, and he is facing what many believe will be the third  or fourth renegotiation of his prenuptial agreement since announcing his candidacy for president in June 2015trump melania

“Melania is very shrewd and a brilliant negotiator in her own right.  When Donald balked at demands she made on the morning of the inauguration, she told him she was too ill to participate in the day’s events.  That resulted in her getting Trump Tower in New York, another fifty million dollars in trust for her son Barron, and a McDonald’s franchise in New Jersey.

trump kim“The President basically just wants to wrap things up so he can produce and star in a new reality TV series with Kim Jong-un.  They’re in negotiations right now, with a debut scheduled for late January 2021.  He has no plans to run for a second term.

One former White House advisor confirmed that Mr Trump has had enough and was possibly looking to have Vice President Mike Pence finish out his term.

“He got tired of guys like Bannon and Gorka pressing for the MAGA agenda, which was just too difficult to get past Congress.  So he got rid of them.  He’s not being drugged as high-fructose-corn-syrup-250x150Alex Jones reported,  Ivanka’s  just giving him high doses of plain old high fructose corn syrup in his ice cream and Nescafé.  After the massive sugar rush, the insulin kicks in and he nods off.

“Remember, Mr Trump was a life-long New York liberal Democrat.  So it’s no surprise that he’s surrounded himself with liberal Democrat advisors who are pressing a globalist neo-con agenda.  Truth be told, Ivanka is the real power behind the throne.  And ironically, the globalists are actually reigning her in.

“If she gets her way, you can expect full amnesty for DREAMERS, extended DACA family members allowed to enter the US legally, an increase in H1-B visas, revisiting the Paris Agreement, the invasion of at least one more country, and a tax plan that does not favor the middle class.

“In other words, Obama Version 2.0ivanka and tiffany

“What we’re witnessing here is a real-life King Lear re-enactment being played out before our eyes with the Fool banished from the moor.

So the real question is — will  Ivanka/Regan be stopped by Tiffany/Cordelia?  And is Jared Kushner too young to be Kent or too craven to be Edmund?”

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