Trouble In Paradise?

VEN (SOUTH BEND) — Anonymous sources tell VEN that the stormy on again/off again affair between Notre Dame’s over-matched Head Football Coach Brian Kelly and Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick is now very much off again, following the lackluster IRISH’s embarrassing loss to Georgia at home Saturday night.

“Jack wants out.  Brian wants things to stay as they are.   They were heard arguing in the  tunnel after the game.  It was pretty heated.  Jack kept pointing to his left hand and screaming  Where’s my ring?  Where’s my championship ring?  You lied to me, you son-of-a-bitch!  You’re never going to change!

“At one point — after Jack told him they were done — Kelly slapped  him so hard his glasses flew  off his face,  then he grabbed Jack by the throat and called him a no good gold-digging whore.  Jack was crying.  You’re not the absent professor, you’re just so f***ing mean to me!  You just lie. You’re abusive!  I can’t believe a word you say!  You got us sanctioned by the NCAA!  You killed a kid and made me lie about it!   You went 4-8 last year and just lost to a team that had to start a freshman quarterback! You’re not the same man I hired seven years ago!  My god, I’m such a fool!  My friends are right — I’m crazy to stay in this relationship!

The University denied allegations that there is a rift between the two men.

However, the South Bend Tribune is reporting that  The Penguin Lounge — a popular gentleman’s club in South Bend  co-owned by Swarbrick and Kelly, where they host a weekly radio show during football season — was closed today, which is only adding to the speculation.