John McCain? Isn’t He The Guy Who Fixed The World Series Back In 1919?

John McCain Attacks Fellow Republican Senator Paul Rand From Senate Floor

KNN (WASHINGTON) —  With perhaps millions of dollars in illegal quid pro quo kickbacks vanishing before his eyes, an enraged 80-year-old John McCain, excoriated  fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul for voting against a resolution to allow Montenegro to join the NATO alliance, even  going so far as to accuse Rand of being an agent for Russia’s Vladimir Putin!

“For Christ Sake, you little F!,” McCain railed at his colleague. “They gave — little Montenegro gave —  Jay Gatsby a fing a medal for his service in WWI!   I have that right here in my notes!  Jay Fing Gatsby!  A fing  American war hero!  And now — despite all that, and when they’re about to be invaded by the Russians —  you vote “No” on letting them join NATO, and then start to walk out of the fing room!!?? !!  Don’t you walk away from me, you little wacko-bird commie pig fing  sonofabitch!”

To the astonishment of his Senate colleagues, McCain continued his bizarre, profanity-laced  rant for several minutes after Senator Paul had left the chamber.

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Update! -- Unconfirmed sources tell KNN that Senator McCain had planned to use the illegal kickbacks from the Montenegro lobby in a  quid pro quo deal for getting them into NATO to help defray the costs of his long-time Senate gal-pal Lindsey Graham's gender reassignment surgery -- which was to have been performed discreetly during a follow-up fact finding mission in Pogorica, Montenegro.