John McCain? Isn’t He The Guy Who Fixed The World Series Back In 1919?

John McCain Attacks Fellow Republican Senator Paul Rand From Senate Floor

KNN (WASHINGTON) —  With perhaps millions of dollars in illegal quid pro quo kickbacks vanishing before his eyes, an enraged 80-year-old John McCain, excoriated  fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul for voting against a resolution to allow Montenegro to join the NATO alliance, even  going so far as to accuse Rand of being an agent for Russia’s Vladimir Putin!

“For Christ Sake, you little F^^^!,” McCain railed at his colleague. “They gave — little Montenegro gave —  Jay Gatsby a f^^^ing a medal for his service in WWI!   I have that right here in my notes!  Jay F^^^ing Gatsby!  A f^^^ing  American war hero!  And now — despite all that, and when they’re about to be invaded by the Russians —  you vote “No” on letting them join NATO, and then start to walk out of the f^^^ing room!!?? !!  Don’t you walk away from me, you little wacko-bird commie pig f^^^ng  sonofabitch!”

To the astonishment of his Senate colleagues, McCain continued his bizarre, profanity-laced  rant for several minutes after Senator Paul had left the chamber.

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Update! -- Unconfirmed sources tell KNN that Senator McCain had planned to use the illegal kickbacks from the Montenegro lobby in a  quid pro quo deal for getting them into NATO to help defray the costs of his long-time Senate gal-pal Lindsey Graham's gender reassignment surgery -- which was to have been performed discreetly during a follow-up fact finding mission in Pogorica, Montenegro.