Does John McCain Think He’s Still Making Recordings For The Viet Cong?

Senator John McCain Launches Another Attack On His Own Party’s President

KNN (WASHNGTON) — Senator John “Songbird” McCain — who many fear may be suffering from the onset of lack-of-character induced dementia — was overheard Sunday in the Men’s Room  of the Old Ebbitt’s Grill  telling only friend and long-time gal pal Lindsey Graham, “I won’t keep getting special treatment if I don’t hit Trump hard.  But Lindsey, help me out here — who the F*** is Trump?  Are we still playing bridge?  Am I the Queen of Diamonds?  Hey, tell ya what — let’s have two more for the road,  and I’ll show you how to wet start an A-4!  Then we can fly under some power lines and try to bang other officers’ wives!  Don’t cry, Lindsey. We’ll be fine.  Remember,  I’m John Fu**ing McCain! If we screw something up, my father will take care of everything!”

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