Spicer Signals “More Delays” To Russia During Presser, Former Bugsy Siegel Mistress Contends

Very Ersatz News (LAS VEGAS) — The woman who helped the man who helped the mob create Las Vegas, and then got him killed, former Soul Train dancer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,  accuses Press Secretary Sean Spicer of treason!

“Just look.  At him.  Our. Flag.  The.  American.  Flag.  It’s.  Upside.  Down!  That. Can only.  Mean. One.  Thing.  A.  Signal.  A signal to.  Putin!  That’s high.  Very.  High. TREASON!  He needs. To explain.  Himself.  This White House.  Needs.  To explain.  What’s.  Going on.  With.  Russia.  With Russia. Immediately!

“And I’d also like to comment on  the VISA stock trades in 2008 that made millions for my husband and me — it’s just more alt right nonsense that we somehow benefited from so-called insider information  about pending legislation.  And besides that sort of thing was not illegal at that time.  So we need to move on from this non-story that Breitbart and the alt right media keep pushing.  As the kids say, it’s a nothing burger.

“Instead, we need to focus on Russia and how they got Trump elected, and stop upskirting  hardworking Progressive Congresswomen like Maxine Waters and me who have the courage to stand up to this illegitimate,  racist, Russian-elected administration!”

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