Bad JuJu, Bwana! CIA Say, “No Go Further!


KNN (NAIROBI) — Finally Former President Obama’s half-brother Malik reignited the Alt Right birther frenzy yesterday by tweeting out an alleged Kenyan birth certificate —  which  first appeared and was debunked by the Huffington Post in 2009 — that appears to show that the former President was born in Kenya:

obama kenyan bc

Unverified sources tell KNN that as part of the vast, perhaps Monarch-based black op Deep State intelligence community conspiracy obfuscating  the former president’s past — including his place of birth, college attendance, social security number, mysterious and illegal trips to Pakistan, and membership in the oh-so-gay bathhouse Man’s Club in Chicago (where Chicago mayor Rham Emanuel was also allegedly a member) —  the CIA created and then disabled a disinformation  web site  that allows anyone to create a fake Kenyan birth certificate, further muddying the waters.

Adding to the confusion — ZNN just learned —  is the equally compelling  mystery surrounding the origins of Former President Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama.
ITEM! — Questionable, non-CIA  sources tell  ZNN, that before dying under mysterious circumstances in 2014,  Joan Rivers — holding up a copy of a British tabloid — claimed she was in possession of irrefutable evidence that proved conclusively that Mrs Obama was in fact not a woman at all, but a transsexual, cross-dressing nightclub performer, incapable of giving birth, and that she and a clearly gay Barrack Obama were in a loveless marriage of convenience orchestrated by Chicago Svengali and Grand Puppet Master, the infamous Minister Jeremiah “God DAMN America!” Wright.
Michael “Michelle” Obama, Performing At The Zanzibar In Dearborn, Michigan, Circa 1985
ITEM! — Unverifiable, and possibly duplicitous Alt Right researchers have provided KNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Dirk Diggler with shocking uncorroborated documents indicating that the Obama daughters — neither of whom look anything like their parents — were purchased from a Moroccan black market baby broker in Rabat for 200,000.00 Dirhams in June 1998, by an associate of the Reverend Jessie Jackson — El Rukn Lieutenant Abdullah Ali “Mr Nighttime” Mohammad X (now deceased) — who was also a close friend of Obama adviser Valerie Jarret and occasionally performed odd jobs for Obama’s  neighbor in Hyde Park, disgraced businessman Tony Rezko.
The following is a photocopy of a receipt for two black baby girls and one package of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers:
ITEM! — Additionally, our unverified and highly suspect sources assert that the Moroccan adoption deal was underwritten by reclusive pedophiliac billionaire Jeffrey Edward Epstein, who — as the following photograph appears to confirm — frequently invited the Obamas to vacation with him on his private island in the Caribbean when Obama was a US Senator.
Obama Sisters Allegedly Playing Strip Poker With Bill  Clinton on Little Saint James Island
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