Is Unstable President Trump Planning To Undo The Civil Rights Act?

shocked black man

Kafka Network News (WASHINGTON) — Unverifiable sources tell KNN that every major mainstream media outlet — including  CNN, WAPO, MSNBC, and The New York Times  — has been instructed by the CIA to report that unnamed senior White House officials are very concerned that a wildly erratic President Trump — infuriated by an Afro-American window lady at McDonald’s recently, who refused to change a 10,000.00 bill — is about to roll back Civil Rights legislation up to and including the Dred Scott Decision and possibly even the 14th amendment, through a series of illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders.

Senator John McCain of Arizona was the first Republican to condemn this latest outrage from the most unpopular and unqualified president ever to hold office, telling CNN‘s Jake Tapper Wednesday, “Sadly, No One Hates The Coloreds More Than Trump. It’s An Open Secret In Washington And Has Been For Years That This President  Would Never Under Any Circumstances Watch A Movie With, Say, A Scatman Crothers In It, Or Eat At A Popeye’s No Matter How Hungry He Is!”