B!tch Be Trippin! Oprah’s Swiss Meltdown Full Of Holes?

VEN (ZURICH) — In 2013,  a distraught Oprah Winfrey — now a pretend candidate for the US Presidency in 2020 — told the international press that she was humiliated by an switzerland-trois-pommes-oprah-winfreyItalian shop girl at trendy Trois Pommes boutique in Zürich, who refused to let her look at a 38,000.00 USD Tom Ford bag “because it was too expensive for her,” not realizing that the peripatetic talk show hostess regularly gives cars away to her studio audience and is reportedly worth billions of dollars.

However, the sales clerk who was the target of Oprah Winfrey’s bizarre claims  told Switzerland’s SonntagsBlick newspaper that the story is simply not true.

According to the shopgirl, after Ms Winfrey  was earlier observed pretending to gnaw on the strap of a $300,168 USD Himalayan crocodile Birkin  Bag with white gold detailing and 245 diamonds, the shop girl became concerned when Ms Winfrey asked to see a Tom Ford bag.

“I tell her, no no Signora.  Prego!  You do not want to eat that; it is a lady’s purse, not a Capocollo  or a Prosciutto!” hermes

Not surprisingly, this was not the first time Ms Winfrey falsely accused an exclusive high-end boutique of racism.

In 2005,  she famously and falsely claimed that Herme’s of Paris discriminated against her because they thought she was a North African, when the store manager refused to let her enter the store just before closing time.

In fact, Ms Winfrey was turned away 15 minutes after the store closed, as the staff was preparing for a private party!

oprah bubble bath
Oprah tries to unwind in the Ritz  Presidential Suite  after enduring yet another day of pretend European racial discrimination.

While an enraged Ms Winfrey argued with the Herme’s manager, her entourage blocked traffic on the Rue de Sèvres in protest, then overturned and set fire to several cars before returning to the Ritz Hotel where yet ANOTHER ugly scene ensued when Ms Winfrey was told by an exasperated Ritz Bar manager that no, the Ritz Bar does not stock or serve something called COLT .45 Malt Liquor.

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