MK-ULTRA In The News Again! #Alexandria

— Comey really tried to f***  The Mogul with the same chicken-shit “it wasn’t me” answers that pointed right back at the Secretary last time.  He’ll screw anybody, even us.

–We always knew that was a possibility, Tom.

–Hey, our guys in Langley are telling me they think he was blinking some sort of Pashto or Farsi Morse Code. They’re still reviewing the tapes.

–That son of a bitch!

–Forget about Comey, people; we’ll deal with him later. Right now, we have to dominate the next news cycle. Is our asset in Alex ready to go?

–Which one? We have about 20.

–The Bernie sleeper. The St Louis guy.

–You mean the Illinois guy?  Hodgkinson?  AB-2?

–Yeah,  AB-2.  The one we’re holding over at the Y.  How soon can he be ready to go?

–His handler has him prepped.  They have coffee every morning.  He’s just waiting for us to green light the op.

–Do we have his diary duct taped to the underside of the 14th Street Bridge yet?


–And the Blackwater guys?

–They’re sitting this one out.  We’re using Jack’s guys this time.

–OK.  Remember,  no live fire this time, OK. Only as a last resort if Scalesi’s detail doesn’t take our guy out or if our guy actually kills somebody.   We don’t want this coming back to us because some Ginzo gets trigger happy.  By the way, he can’t shoot, right?  The guy can’t hit the broadside of a barn?

–Correct.  We made sure of that. And he’s gonna stand up after he starts firing.

— So if the detail doesn’t take him out, Jack’s guys will.  But it has to look like the detail did it?


–For what it’s worth, our guys are telling us he’s programmed to self-terminate.

–Yeah, that’s our fail safe, Tom.  Either way, we need him dead.

–Bob, our guy needs to be on the field along the third-base line at 0700 hours with the SKS and the 9mm in a gym bag.  Megan,coordinate this with our Twitter/Facebook assets so they start posting at 0730.   And make sure they reference “AR-15,” “assault rifle,”  “radicalized lone wolf,” and  “Bernie supporter.” Those are the talking points.

And Bob — no screw ups this time, OK?  I don’t want another Orlando! Tom, where are we with the speech?

–Ann gave a fist draft for VJ to review. No specifics. Just outrage, etc., the president’s alarming divisive rhetoric, and changing the focus to gun control. What she asked for. She’s not happy with it, though. We’ll rework with more detail and send her an update before the op so Bowhunter can prep with his staff. By the way, we’re shooting how many cops?

–No cops this time.  Just AB-2 and however many targets he hits before he’s terminated.  As for the statement, just say something like — Bob, read what you and Trish put together this morning.

— We are all horrified by this dreadful attack on our friends and on our colleagues and those who serve and protect this Capitol. We are all praying for those who were attacked and for their families.  We are united in our shock, we are united in our anguish. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

I know this House wants to state unequivocally that we are, as ever, awed by the tremendous bravery of the Capitol police. It is clear to me based on various eyewitness accounts that without these two heroes, special agent Bailey and special agent Griner, that without these two heroes many lives would have been lost.

–We’re gonna name the detail?

–That’s the plan, Megan. Stop acting like you weren’t read in.  We’ll make final edits if anything changes, but they need the draft now.

Let’s get moving, people! We don’t have a lot of time. And remember —  The Magyar is paying for results!