Me And Mrs P, We Got A Thing Goin’ On

Don Corenelius Pretends To Propose To Nancy Pelosi On THE DATING GAME, Circa 1970


KNN Entertainment (HOLLYWOOD)Unnamed, unverifiable sources tell KNN that Dick Clark emulator and professional automaton Don Cornelius had decades-long affair with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, starting when the 430-year-old Congresswoman performed as one of the original Soul Train dancers in the early 1970s, after fortuitously choosing Mr Corneluis for her date on THE DATING GAME.

“I would say she must have been oh  360, 400  years old at that time.  But ain’t nobody believe she was King Tut’s mistress.  I mean she was old, but she did not look that old,” associate producer Eddie “The One, The Only, Mr Downtown Detroit” Peoples explained. “Damn, that girl had game!  She was what we called fly!  Par-tay all night long!  Spending carbon credits like she was 125!  But she was Kryptonite to me — look but do not touch, if you know what I’m sayin’ — once she became a Mr C exclusive!”