Remember Santa Anna! Dems Double Down On Support For Illegals Over Citizens!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — “This is no country just for so-called American citizens,” Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told an energized crowd of  illegal alien La Raza supporters Sunday.

pelosi“America belongs to everyone, everywhere.  To you and you and you and YOU!  To everyone in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and of course China, India, Pakistan,  Thailand, Borneo, and New Guinea!

“The day of America for Americans is OVER!”

VEN‘s Senior Political Correspondent Adam Caulfield asked Ms Pelosi as she was leaving the rally if she was concerned that her remarks would alienate American citizens, especially service men and women who are risking their lives every day to protect the United States.

“Protecting the United States?  You mean in Afghanistan?” Ms Pelosi replied.

“Define American citizen.  The guys at the Alamo — were they an-example-of-the-Illegal-Aliens-Obama-is-allowing-into-AmericaAmerican citizens?  Or were Santa Anna and the Mexicans the real American citizens?

“You tell me. I really have no idea what you’re talking about.  The term American citizen is meaningless now with Barack  . . . with Donald Trump in the White House.”

Pressed to clarify her position, Ms Pelosi offered the following explanation:

soul-train-line-image-08Look, when I was one of the original dancers on Soul Train (and the only white girl dancer, I might add), Don Cornelius told us that the Boogaloo, the Mashed Potato, and even the Watusi all originated in Haiti — which by the way is a BEAUTIFUL country — during the French, the.  The . . .  Revolution.  The French Revolution.

“But we call them American dances!

“So, uh,  you know, if you want to talk about who’s an Amer.  An American citizen.   And who.  Who isn’t — why don’t you start there?   (laughs)  You alt-right guys really need to get your facts straight!”

Developing . . . .