Ewww! Drunk Italian Gets Illegal Brazilian In Chinatown!

VEN (SAN FRANCISCO) — After outed on a security camera earlier this week getting a wash ‘n blow at a mandated-closed San Francisco hair salon while not wearing a mask, the current Speaker of the House and former Soul Train dancer Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was filmed getting an illegal “Hollywood wax” at Joy Fu’s Wax ‘N Shine in San Francisco’s Chinatown Friday.

A young Nancy Pelosi at the Spahn Ranch, May 1969

In the graphic security footage obtained by VEN, the former Manson Family member can be seen without a mask having what appears to be an adult diaper removed by workers dressed in hazmat suits one of whom appears to collapse and is assisted by others as the footage ends.

VEN‘s Senior Aesthetician Correspondent HeloĆ­sa Eneida Menezes Paes Pinto reached out to Ms Fu early Saturday to confirm the incident, which allegedly involved bullying and threats of ICE deportations.

“Know Nancy long time. She come for sphinx wax every other Tuesday. No big deal. But tell her no wax now! Big trouble for me! But she no care. Come anyway. High as kite! Tell me, I get wax or son go back China now!”

Jason Fu, picking up Mrs Pelosi’s litter on Capital Hill.

Mrs Pelosi employed Ms Fu’s son Jason as a sort of factotum, whose main job according to Ms Fu, was to walk at least six feet behind Mrs Pelosi and pick up candybar wrappers, Kleenex, empty airline vodka bottles, and the empty vials of amyl nitrite and crack cocaine that she frequently discarded.

“Nancy big party girl!” Ms Fu explained.

As for Mrs Pelosi, although she has refused repeated attempts for an interview with VEN, her office issued a terse statement asserting in part that “Ms Fu set Mrs Pelosi up, then demanded a large sum of money to prevent her from contacting the right-wing media. This is a private matter between the Speaker and her former aesthetician, who we believe is in the country illegally and set up Mrs Pelosi to pressure the Speaker into getting her a green card and a 10,000 square-foot house in Sausalito, with mesh wifi and easy access to Freeway 101 and Highway 37.”

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