Pelosi Exclusive — I Had a Love Child With Huey Newton!

VEN (San Francisco) — Anonymous sources tell VEN‘s Senior International Amatory Correspondent Karl-Maria Kertbeny, that former Manson Family member and current speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), while giddy at the Impeachment After Party at the bar of the Mayflower Hotel, began telling a wild story about her involvement with the Black Panthers during the late 60’s and how she ended up having a torrid affair with co-founder Huey Newton and became pregnant with his child!

“At that point in my life I had no time for a baby, and I was also as you probably know involved with Don Cornelius, of course.  So I went to Hawaii and had the baby there.  I’m Catholic, so I only believe in abortion for other people.  It was difficult to give up my baby, but I knew that Barry — we named him Barry — would be better off with a family that could give him the attention that he needed.

“I mean between taping Soul Train and robbing banks, and  sticking it to The Man and so forth, I really just did not have the time to devote to raising a child!

“Besides, he’s what my father would call a moulinyan, a moolie, you know an eggplant.  So there was really no way I could bring Barry back to the Spahn Ranch!  That was definitely what we would call today a non-starter. Let me tell you — Tex, Squeaky, and especially Charlie — they wouldn’t have liked that at all!”

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