Fauci/Birx Exclusive — Murder Hornet Apocalypse! End of America As We Know It!

VEN (Washington) — Dr “Little Big Pharma Man” Anthony Fauci told VEN‘s Senior International Cataclysm Correspondent Christopher Smart early Monday, that the imminent threat posed by the introduction of the Chinese Murder Hornet into the United States, “will make the Coronavirus look like a mild flu by comparison!”

The ever-present Dr Birx echoed his concerns.

“I’ve been staying up late again collating data that is coming in from all over the West Coast and attempting to triangulate the hornet’s spread as we develop another logarithmic Chutes ‘N Ladders curve to determine the impact of the Murder Hornet on American lives.

“All I can say at this time, while my staff is working to renew my subscription to MS OFFICE since I’m currently locked out of Excel,  is that unfortunately the partial models we’re working with today indicate that once again — unless we take DRASTIC measures immediately — we are looking at yet another plague of Biblical proportions!

“To bottom line this — unless we continue the shutdown for an indefinite period of time and close all grocery stores and gas stations and put an end to mail-order food delivery — one out of every three Americans will DIE from the direct or indirect effects of the Murder Hornet!

“And for anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating the threat, let me just say — as those of us who went to medical school in Guatemala well know — Plato himself  argued in the Critas and later in the gender-fluid Timaeus,  that it was  the deadly Murder Hornet that was  the primary cause of the destruction of Atlantis!  And not the giant crystal getting overheated and exploding like in the movie!

Murder Hornet apprehended after killing 37 people in a WALMART parking lot in Oakdale, California.

“To put this in perspective, just ONE Murder Hornet sting equals between 1000 and 100,000  regular hornet stings.  And I don’t know how many fire ant or scorpion stings.  But rest assured, it’s a DEVASTATING number!  You’re not putting Bactine on this. Or a penny.  Or baking soda!

“And worse still — unless we put in place a quarantine as stringent as say the Ukrainian Holodomor,   those who don’t die of the Murder Hornet plague will be at a much higher risk of  contracting what we believe will be an 11x stronger strain of the CORONA-19 virus — what we’re calling CORONA-209 — when it returns in the Fall  to kill what’s left of our population.”

Developing . . . .