YIKES! Trump Created COVID-19 To Kill Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQs, and the US Economy!

VEN (Washington, DC) — In another VEN exclusive, Senior Pandemic  Correspondent Chuck Tatum reports that anonymous sources close to the President have confirmed that as early as 2010 Mr Trump funneled an estimated 4 billion dollars through his daughter Ivanka’s clothing

Virologists isolate the “Chaz Bono” gene, the first step in targeting LBGTQs in COVID-19.

company G-III Apparel Group to pay China to develop a virus that would — as then business man Donald Trump told a gathering of friends at Mar-a-Lago — “rid the Earth of a lot of tremendously annoying and many say violent, so violent very low-IQ people that, frankly,  no one anywhere in the world wants to rent to!”

An anonymous  whistleblower in the West Wing is prepared to testify before Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee that President Trump tried out the virus on a Mexican parking attendant whom Mr Trump believed scratched his car on two occasions.

José Jiménez’ last meal, a  COVID-17 taco bowl of death!

As the whistleblower explained to VEN, “the man, José Jiménez, was given a taco bowl at Trump Tower tainted with the first virus prototype COVID-17, which killed him instantly.  The virus was later modified to include retroviruses that attacked blacks (COVID-18) and gays (COVID-19).”

The whistleblower also contends that there is a new strain under development in Wuhan,  COVID-20,  that will kill any Democrat who fills out a mail-in ballot.

“Trump had Vice President Pence test this using Happy  Hanukkah! cards in Jewish nursing homes throughout the country in December, and the mortality rate was almost 110%!

“This is the Trump Virus, not the Wuhan virus” the whistleblower explained.  “I shudder to think who COVID-21 will target — plus-sized women, mailmen, cats with only three legs?

“We need to stop this madman right now, before he kills again!”

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