Mad Dog Paddock’s Hard Drive Found — Inside Great Pyramid!

VEN (CAIRO)Lending support for the FBI/LVPD theory that crazed Las Vegas Harvestgreat-pyramid-space-calloutFest shooter Stephen “Mad Dog” Paddock used a time machine to confound authorities, ancient astronaut theorists announced Friday that sonic imaging in the newly-discovered “empty space” in the Great Pyramid of Giza reveals what looks like a computer disk!

As renown Egyptian Pyramid Expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explained to reporters Friday, “An opening this size is not supposed to be inside a pyramid, let alone an opening that appears to contain  a COMPUTER DISK!  That’s just impossible!  Unless of course we consider the very real possibility of time travel technology given to humans by extraterrestrial visitors in the remote past!”

A vindicated Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo thinks that Mr Tsoukalos may be on to something, and now contends that Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley  may be hiding what she knows about Mr Paddock’s time machine and how he was able to send his computer disk back in time some several thousands of years to ancient Egypt while the pyramids were still under construction!joe-lombardo

“Let’s face it — we’re dealing with a very sophisticated guy who may have had help from as yet unidentified aliens from the Pleiades or various planets in the Cygnus or Orion Constellations.  We just don’t know enough to say for sure right now.”