BREAKINGDNC Sued for OSHA Violations in Alleged Ballot Manufacturing Sweat Shop!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Carlos X, an undocumented American citizen originally from Guatemala, thought he had found his dream job when he was hired as a ballot creator by Gravitas International, an NGO LLC subsidiary of the Democrat National Committee funded in part by Alibaba, Bahrain, and Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund Super PAC.

According to his attorney, Elle Woods, Mr X was housed with approximately 200 other gig workers in the basement of an unheated Brooklyn warehouse and forced to work up to 20 hours/day manufacturing ballots for less than 1.20 USD/hour with only one bathroom break every 16 hours.

“They were given 15 minutes for lunch and drugged with NoDoz and Adderall to maximize their output. They were not allowed to leave the warehouse, and slept on straw and woodchips like hamsters! If they complained, they were locked in a dark room and forced to watch reruns of El Gordo y La Flaca until they either complied or passed out.

Governor Hochul celebrates close victory over Lee Zeldin in NY Governor’s race.

“It was not uncommon to withhold food or threaten the workers with deportation if targeted candidates fell too far behind in the count.

“In one incident, when Lee Zeldin took a brief lead over Kathy Hochul in the New York governor’s race, three workers deemed “recalcitrants” were bound, gagged, and suspended from the ceiling upside down as a warning to others.

“Failure,” Ms Woods explained, “was not an option.”

Gravitas International and the DNC have denied that ballot creators were held against their will, overworked, or refused access to bathrooms.

“They were being paid by the ballot,” DNC spokesperson Imran Awan explained to VEN Senior BoublePlusUngood Correspondent Winston Smith Sunday, “so of course there was a certain amount of unbridled enthusiasm which was difficult to control.”

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