VEN EXCLUSIVE! Living-Challenged Voters Voice Concerns Over Potential Voter Fraud in Upcoming Midterm Elections!

VEN (Ann Arbor) — In 2020, 98% of living-challenged voters turned out en masse to push Joe Biden over the top in what otherwise might have been a close Presidential election, but fears that their votes may not count in the 2022 midterms — owing to radical MAGA Republican shenanigans — have many in the living-challenged community wondering if they should just stay home this year.

Dorina “Madame Fifi” LeBlanc, a Haitian immigrant who — when not managing her psychic hotline — works as a living-challenged community organizer in Detroit, says their fears are justified.

“I got out my Quija board the other day and had an AMA roundtable with the leaders of the living-challenged community in Southern Michigan.

“One man, we’ll call him Curtis X, a former postal worker from Flint, was particularly vocal. Unlike many in our community, he explained, I was a life-long Democrat, and continued voting a straight Democrat ticket after my demise. I’m hearing rumors now from my son who was recently shot to death by his girlfriend during an alcohol-fueled dispute over control of the TV remote, that the white-supremacist Republicans in Detroit are taking many of us off the voting rolls. We feel lost. We feel neglected. We feel that the Democrats have abandoned us!

“I told him don’t you worry, baby! We got your back! Worst case we’ll just re-register cancelled LC community voters using the address of an abandoned building, and then my office volunteers will personally fill out a mail-in ballot for all y’all!

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Ms LeBlanc added. “I mean they’re already dead. Haven’t they suffered enough??”

Damien Thorn, a white cis-gendered incel from Niles, who currently self-identifies as a black lesbian in order to increase his chances with women, agrees.

Mr Thorn told VEN‘s Senior Akashic Record Correspondent Helena Blavatsky that when his father was alive, they did not get along.

“He was like so totes Republican. But when he died in 2012, he finally saw the error of his ways and has voted a straight Democrat ticket ever since. I’m like so proud of him!

“In 2020, Mr Whiskers and I cried and cried and cried when I filled out THREE Biden /Harris mail-in ballots for him. He’s like so totally woke now it’s just amazing!”

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