BREAKING — Hold My Activia! Plus-Sized Poobah Denies Eating 25,000 Republican Ballots!

VEN (ATLANTA) — In one of the most contentious gubernatorial elections in Georgia history, Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams and her sister Leslie — a US Judge appointed by Barack Obama — have been accused of eating over 25 thousand ballots cast for her Republican opponent, Brian Kemp, over a three-day period before all the Fulton County votes were tabulated.

“That is a raciss lie!”  a defiant Ms Abrams told reporters Monday.

Kemp ballots being prepped for a large tossed salad.

“My sister and I have been doin’ the Dash  Diet, and have been eatin’ a lot of salads.

“If y’all tell  me that shredded ballots ended up in our salads, I have no idea where they came from.  Tasted fine to me!”

However, Taco Bell manager Jose Ramez disagrees.

Dios Mio!  The two sisters they come in with a pallet of what turned out to be voting ballots, and they tell me make these into a big toss salad or we will have our Black Panther friends shoot you first in the one knee, then in the other knee.

“And Jose,  they say — plenty of thousand island dressing!  And only fourteen burritos today,  because as you know,  we are watching our weight!”

Developing . . . .