Af-Wakanda-Stan? Really? More Racist Robo Calls Mar FL/GA Gubernatorial Elections!

VEN (TALLAHASSEE) — DNC Chairman Tom Perez has vigorously denounced fake robo bp-2calls in Georgia and Florida that warn voters that Andrew Gillum and Stacy Abrams have a secret plan to combine Georgia and Florida into The People of Color Republic of AfWakandaStan, and will within weeks of their inaugurations begin deporting white people to Maine, Arkansas,  and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, citing the 10th Amendment as Constitutional precedent for the forced relocations.

burl ivesThe bogus caller — identifying himself as  A Concerned Citizen,  who — oddly enough — sounds a lot like the late Burl Ives of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Have a Holly Jolly Christmas fame — warns that The Master Plan also includes annexing Cuba and Venezuela as part of the new Republic, offering deep discounts at Disney World as an incentive for illegal immigrants to make their way across the Gulf of Mexico to work in proposed Apple and Nike factories and a new state-of-the-art 5-million square-foot Amazon mega-warehouse that will be built in Sarasota, and — following the controversial South African model — forcing whites off their farms without compensation.

And it gets even crazier!daytona.jpg

The bogus caller warns that any white folks  who resist forced relocation or who fail to pay the new whites-only 90% tax on assets and earnings will find that they are living in a republic where listening to country and western music — as well as watching NASCAR and wearing MAGA hats — are capital crimes.

trump phone
President Trump doing his Burl Ives impression while calling 400,000 potential Florida voters early Monday morning.

“None of this is true!” and outraged Tom Perez told reporters Monday.  “And we have every reason to believe — based on what we’re hearing from CNN — that these calls are coming from the West Wing of the White House!

“As if that should surprise anyone!”

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