America Never That Great? Marone! Why Do Dead People Keep Voting For This Guy?

VEN (NEW YORK) —  After his shocking America was never that great remark Wednesday,  does New York Governor Andrew Cuomo risk losing the dead vote, a key Democrat demographic for over 100 years in the Empire State?

Incredibly, that may just be the case!

According to stunned progressive political insiders,  for the first time ever, the once reliable Democrat dead vote is now anything but.

VEN reporter Daisy Miller visited several cemeteries in Westchester Thursday in an attempt to interview decedents to get their posthumous take on the Governor’s Anti-American statement, but luckily for Mr Cuomo — on this day at least —  no one was talking.

As Ms Miller explains:

“Obviously we won’t know until election day in November how the governor’s remarks affected the so-called RIP vote,  but it’s important to remember that almost 90% of dead voters currently registered as Democrats in New York State were Republicans when they were alive.

“Will this have an impact?  Will the deceased surprise everyone and vote Republican once again?   Are they now the NEW silent majority?

“That’s the big question on everyone’s mind.

“But for now, it looks like Mr Cuomo — never known for his intellectual gravitas — and the no-longer well-oiled Democrat political machine will just have to wait and see.”

Developing . . . .