Super Bowl LIII To Feature Antifa Clockwork Orange Dancers!

antifa-4VEN (NEW YORK) — In what many contend is yet another bizarre attempt at progressive virtue signaling, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday that Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta will feature the provocative Antifa Clockwork Orange Dancers performing their signature high-kicking, no-holds-barred Singing In The Rain composition at halftime.

The Commissioner’s Office issued the following statement:

We believe showcasing Antifa at the greatest sporting event in the world — the Super Bowl — is long overdue.antifa

Antifa is good for America, good for football, and good for the NFL! 

What could be more American than a group of young men and women dedicated to protecting America from Americans?  

We’re so VERY excited to have them performing live at Super Bowl LIII, and hope this will serve to offset the unnecessarily divisive remarks our President recently made regarding individual player behavior during what many in the NFL and America believe  — sadly — is our racist National Anthem.antifa kicking somone

Justice for Assata Shakur!  Dismantle ICE!  Free Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin!

And remember — don’t forget to Punch A Nazi!