MAD MAX And The DACA-Drome — Three Go In, 11 Million Come Out!

VEN (LOS ANGELES) —  In an effort to ‘get out the vote’ in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, Maxine Waters — the new face of the Democrat Party — is working closely with old guard Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to rally the base behind what has become the two central issues for Democrats — amnesty for millions of undocumented Democrats living illegally in the United States, and open borders for all,  so that untold millions of  new non-native Democrat voters can finally participate in US elections.

VEN‘s Senior Immigration Correspondent José Jiménez caught up with Congresswoman Waters Tuesday, while she was addressing a Free The DREAMERS rally outside the Federal Building  in Los Angeles.

“Thank you, Kamala!!  Don’t NEVER let the TRUMP MAN forget who we are!


(Turns towards crowd, smiling.) “Y’all wid me!  [CHEERS]  Y’all wanna see mow Latinos doin’ what no one else will do?  [CHEERS!] Me too!  [MORE CHEERS!]  And Jesus!  Das wut dah Baby Jesus want! [CROWD CHANTS JE-SUS, JE-SUS].

“Set these DREAMERS Free!  [CHEERS!]  Get these 11 million DACA chillen out da jail where PUTIN’S PUPPIT an his TREASON SUMMIT put em all, and then get them working for you an me stead uh the RUSSIANS!


“An wut y’all do when y’all see a Trump supporter? [CROWD CHANTS KILL THEM, KILL THEM]

“Well (laughing).  Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus!   Hahahaha!   Oh, my!  I, I  love y’all!  But we, we don’t want none that! Not yet anyway! [CROWD BOOS]

“Lissen!  Lissen now! This what y’all do!

“When y’all see a MAGA MAN, y’all get on your cell phones,  call your frens,  y’all families, then GET AFTER THE MAGA MAN!  MAKE THE MAGA MAN RUN, LEAVE HIS TAKEOUT, STOP PUMPIN’ HIS GAS, DROP HIS SCRATCH TICKET!


“If you a bank teller, short change the MAGA MAN!  Axe fow three kinda ID!  If you at MickyD’s give the MAGA MAN ah root beer stead ah COKE!  Tell the MAGA MAN, sorry MAGA MAN, we fresh outta french fries an no, we ain’t got no mow McRibs!


“Same at KFC, same at I-HOP same atta Waffle House!  You a MAGA MAN, you don’t get no blueberry syrup!  Anna coffee machine jess broke,  so sorry MAGA MAN all we got is Sanka!


“An if ya’ll can, take the MAGA MAN’s hat, don’t give it back, make him chase you round, make him grab at it like a chile, then sell it on e-Bay, or use it, use it fowa porta potty DEN give it back!


“Hahahaha! Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus, I jess, I jess  LOVE y’all so much!”

At the conclusion of her speech, as her supporters began smashing store windows and burning an American flag, Ms Waters — surrounded by her security detail — made her way through the crowd to her Cadillac Escalade, refusing to answer reporters’ questions, while repeating:

Maxine Waters multi-million dollar mansion in California’s 37th District, which is outside the impoverished 43rd District that Waters has represented for nearly 30 years.

“Just call my office for an appointment or a statement.  Thank you all.  I have nothing more to say.  Thank you.  Excuse me. Thank you.  Please contact my office, I’m late for another appointment.  Thank you!”

Developing . . . .