Joy Reid Exclusive — Why I Be Hatin’ On Homos (Hint: A Sweet Boy Stole Her Man!)

VEN (NEW YORK)MSNBC‘s reality-challenged amygdala-highjacked, homophobic television personality Joy Reed sat down with VEN‘s Senior Relationship Correspondent Dr Joyce Milgram Sunday, to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the anti-gay postings on her now-defunct blog from 2007.

This is what she had to say.

VEN — Let’s get right to it — Joy, why did it take you so long to come clean on having written the posts attributed to you on your former blog? First you said it was a forgery, then when that proved false that your blog was hacked, and when that proved false finally — and seemingly against your will — you reluctantly admitted the posts were yours.

Why not just tell the truth from the beginning?

Joy Reid — Joyce, in my mind I was telling the truth. I’m sure y’all have heard about astral projection and such things as the astral plan and the aramashmic record?

VEN — The astral plane and akashic records? Yes, I’ve heard of them.

JR — Well, that’s where I was at that time. In another dimension. I had dissociated myself from the terrible things President Trump was doing to America at that time.

VEN — But those homophobic posts were written between 2007 and 2009, well before the Trump presidency.

JR — Correct. That’s why at first I could not believe that I had actually written them.

VEN — But ultimately you were forced to acknowledge the posts. Can you tell us what prompted them?

JR — I was dating the love of my life at the time, De’Various Marteen (with two ‘E’s) who danced with the Alvin Ailey Company. I come home one night, and there he is in MY bed with my hairdresser, Mr Cornelius. And who hidin’ in the closet? A New York Yankee who shall remain nameless!

VEN — And then what happened?

JR — I don’t really know. I traveled in my mind to another planet where there were no gay black men.

VEN — For how long?

JR — About 9 years. Eight or 9 years.

VEN — But you kept working at MSNBC and posting homophobic tweets during that time?

JR — A New York Yankee, Joyce. A goddamn NEW YORK YANKEE! In my closet! Wearin’ one my dresses! An that bitch ass homo De’Various standing there all homo’ed up lyin’ right to my muthaf**in face! Sayin’ we ain’t onna down low, we jess frens! Bullshit, you faggoty azz bitch! What kine frens be necked in muh bed!

VEN — And that’s when you projected yourself to another planet?

JR — Yes, where I lived very peacefully — homo free — for several years.