EXCLUSIVE! Second Immigrant Child Dies After Forced To Dance The Hokey Pokey — For Five Days Straight!

VEN (EL PASO) — Little Pepe was 6 years old when he and a Honduran man pretending to be his father crossed into Texas three weeks ago seeking asylum.  But thanks to President Trump’s draconian “Zero Tolerance” policy, Little Pepe will never celebrate another birthday again.

hokey pokey
Hokey Pokey — The new Dance of Death?

“They are taking the children to detention centers and forcing them to color, play games, and dance the Hokey Pokey until they pass out from exhaustion,” activist Judy Freedom told reporters Wednesday.

“This is EXACTLY what the Nazis did!  If you’re a child from Mexico or Central America, how can you be expected to dance the Hokey Pokey when the lyrics are in English!  The children become stressed.  They are not used to air conditioning after weeks in the desert.  And many have never seen a crayon before in their lives, so they try to eat them!

“We should be better than this!  I want every MAGA Republican Trump supporter  DEAD!”

VEN‘s Senior Social Activist Reporter Jean Brodie agrees.

Judy Freedom
VEN’s Jean Brodie reacts to immigrant children being decapitated by ICE agents.

“I thought I was in Schindler’s List!  The bodies of little children were being stacked like cord wood for sale to stem cell researchers,  while their hysterical mothers were kept behind barbed-wire fences unable to help or console their dying children!

“It was horrifying!  They were auctioning off the bodies of these dead children like the carcasses of sushi-grade tuna!

“Trump and his Nazi supporters are WORSE than Hitler — much worse!”

Not surprisingly, ICE spokesman Carlos La Hoya denied reports that children were dying from dancing the Hokey Pokey or eating fentanyl-tainted crayons.

“These claims are absurd.  These kids come to us dehydrated, malnourished, sunburnt, exhausted from walking mils and miles through the desert.  They are getting the best medical care in the world, and are taken — with their parents, if they came with their parents  — to modern facilities where they can be cared for until they can be processed.”

Thai refugees in cages similar to what ICE is rumored to be using for immigrant children.

However, Mr La Hoya was unable to explain the pictures of children in cages in Thailand that are believed to be similar to the cages immigrant children are being placed in by ICE agents while their parents are sent to work camps as slave laborers somewhere in Oklahoma, Nebraska,  and upstate New York.

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