BREAKING — Cory Booker Wants “Final Cut” Amendment To The Constitution!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Openly-closeted, intellectually-challenged,  affirmative-action activist senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) told reporters Tuesday that he is drafting a Final Cut constitutional amendment, making it mandatory for actors,  entertainers,  and professional athletes to have the final say on all legislation,  executive orders,  and Supreme Court decisions during a Republican Administration.

booker“We need to reclaim our values!

“We are a nation of checks and balances, and as everyone knows, you can’t write the check unless you have the balance to cover that check. Otherwise you are committing a crime!

“Any bank teller will tell you that because that’s their job — to tell you if you don’t have the balance to cover the check you want to write. That’s why they’re called tellers.

“Right now — under President Trump — we don’t have the balance we need to write the checks we need to write, so we got to get that balance up — way up, as far as the eye can see up, we’re talkin’  an eight ball of Peruvian Flake up — before we can write the checks that need to be written!

“Does that make sense to y’all?cory booker 4

“And that’s why we need this amendment.

“You’re Rob Reiners your John Legends your Golden State Warriors, your LeBrons — we need them front and center! Then we can tell that teller Yo bitch, get out mah way!  No need to check my balance — I OWN the muthaf**in Bank!”