BREAKING! Ding Dong Die Hexe Ist Tot! Merkel Out, Abschied Von Deutschland! May Run For President Of The Congo!

VEN (BERLIN) — In another VEN Exclusive, we can now report that anonymous sources within the AfD party have confirmed that Angela Merkel will step down as German Chancellor  possibly as early as Friday of this week.

Unable to hold her fragile coalition together in the face of mounting concerns about her ruinous immigration policies that — many believe — are destroying Germany, Ms Merkel has decided to resign rather than suffer the embarrassment of a no-confidence vote.

“This is a great day for Deutschland!” an exuberant AfD member told VEN‘s Senior Replacement Population Correspondent Charles Marlow outside the Bundestag Tuesday morning.

“The auslanders who are destroying our country will soon be going home!”

Ms Merkel could not be reached for comment.  However, a close aide told VEN that the future-former German Chancellor is planning to relocate to Democratic Republic of the Congo, since as Ms Merkel has reportedly told friends  “Die Schwarzen in Afrika lieben mich.”

One settled in at Kinshasa, Ms Merkel intends to work with the United Nations and the EU to teach the Congolese people how to use toilets,  refrain from attacking, murdering, and raping European women, and  — most important of all — how to master rudimentary personal hygiene skills that will make them more appealing to Europeans in the next round of replacement immigration, tentatively scheduled for 2025.

“Despite what has happened here today, I have not given on my goal of transforming Germany into Das Neue Afrika!” a defiant Ms Merkel told AfD members in a private meeting over the weekend.

Nicht ein Volk, sondern viele Menschen!”

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