Pedavore Hillary Clinton Tells CNN “Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy Killing Me, I Haven’t Had A Mexican Girl For Breakfast In Over A Month!

VEN (ATLANTA) — From her sick-bed in Chappaqua,  New York, a frail, balding Hillary Clinton told CNN‘s Brook Baldwin Monday that she and other prominent Democrat pedavores are in danger of losing their lives unless Trump is forced to rescind his zero-tolerance policy towards illegal immigrants crossing into the United States on America’s southern border.

“Look at me, for Christ sake!  And this is after FOUR HOURS at Elizabeth Arden’s this morning!

“We pay these MS-13 guys a small fortune to get these kids across the border, and now Trump and his Putin cronies are throwing sand into the machine.  Again!

“I jut want to thank you, Brook, and everyone else at CNN,  for having the courage to expose this outrageous treatment of undocumented children at our southern border.

Hillary attends Comet Pizza pot luck brunch in happier times.

“They should be released immediately and allowed to continue on their way.  The whole thing is just disgraceful!  I guess President Trump thinks adrenochrome grows on trees or something!

“This is worse than Hitler’s treatment of the Jews! Release the children, Mr Trump.  The whole world is watching!”

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