Hillary To Hang Up Latex Gloves After Severe, Career-Ending Back Injury?

VEN (NEW YORK) — Will the losing never end?

Reputed three-time world-champion fister in the international openweight  division, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was forced to concede her world-champion match with CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour — a 3-5 underdog —  at the Algonquin Hotel main ballroom two weeks ago, when a debilitating back injury made it impossible for Mrs Clinton to answer the bell for the 5th round of the scheduled 15-round bout.

“Despite her lack of training, she looked unstoppable through the first three rounds,” Fisting Magazine‘s Bert Sugar told VEN‘s X Sports Correspondent Bobby Riggs Wednesday.

“I don’t know if it was too little Astroglide, the new Rosa Klebb pumps she was wearing (which she was having problems with all night), but halfway through the fourth round when she was clearly ahead on points, the former Secretary of State lost her footing, spun sideways, and collapsed in pain, taking Huma to the matt with her.

“It was ugly.

Known as the Chuck Wepner of fisting, Mrs Clinton made up for her lack of finesse with her never-say-die,  it-aint-over-till-it’s-over tenacious stick-to-it-ness that through her decades-long career in the ring made her a fisting legend and earned her the respect of her much more talented opponents.

“People see her now with the back brace,” Mr Sugar explained, “And they think, she’s weak, she’s unhealthy, she can barely walk.

“If they only knew!  When she was at the top of her game, no one — and I mean NO ONE — could lay a latex glove on her.

“The woman fisted like a power forward in the WNBA!”

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