21st-Century Schizoid Man — MAGA Kanye Next Kardashian Season Arc?

VEN (HOLLYWOOD) — “Yo, bitch.  Y’all be hella MAGA Kanye and do as y’all is tole, or so hep me God — y’all end up more f***ed than Bruce or Lemar!  You feel me, fish boy?”

And so began the sad saga of MAGA Kanye, as the drug-addled, well-intentioned, low-IQ,  illiterate rapper was allegedly threatened by Kardashian matriarch Kris “Show Mama The Money” Special-K Kardashian unless he went along with the latest arc for the family reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

As one former assistant director told VEN‘s Senior Hollywood Reporter Shauna Roberts, “Special-K has Little Kanye — as she calls him — mesmerized by Kim’s shall we say ‘pulchritude.’

“Special-K writes all his songs and produces his cringe-worthy music videos designed to showcase her vacuous, untalented, surgically-enhanced  thot daughter, Kim.

“When — to his credit —  Kanye finally stood up for himself and insisted on writing his own stuff again,  Special-K had her guys put Thorazine in his Frappuccinos, until he went crazy and had what looked like a nervous breakdown.

“Then they had him committed.

“He got the message.”

And so how will all of this play out?

“The plan has three parts — first, out of nowhere Kanye comes out as a Trump supporter,  gives a bunch of radio and TV interviews talking like Alan Keyes and gets black people all stirred up.

“Next, he starts getting death threats from other rappers and criticized by black politicians.

“You just saw that happen with no-career hangers-on Daz Dillinger and Maxine Waters,  both of whom are on the Kardashian payroll.

“Finally, during Sweeps Week, they’ll give him thorazine-laced weed until he freaks out again and has a wild rambling I-was-fooled-Trump-is-the-devil come to Jesus cathartic moment that is projected to triple his album sales and send the show’s ratings through the roof.

“And of course they’ll immediately follow that up with a new video produced by Special-K, with Kanye getting off an imaginary Trump Train in Compton, and simulating anal sex with his wife while rapping about how Trump is doing the same thing to Black America.

“That’s the end game, cynical as always.

“Lemar said no to the plan, and they tried to kill him.  Bruce came out for Trump before they had the Kanye plan in place and they turned him into a woman and had his d*** cut off.

“As bad as Hillary is, Special-K is ten times  worse.  You do NOT  f*** with the Kardashians!”

Developing . . . .