Who Dat? Out Of The Closet With Cory Booker!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — During Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State Thursday, IQ-challenged Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) created a minor sensation by unexpectedly asking Mr Pompeo several questions about  his views on “gay sex.”

Mr Booker: Sir, if you saw say a black senator from a state like New Jersey sodomizing an 11-year-old boy in a rest area on the New Jersey Turnpike, would you immediately assume that because the senator is black that a crime was being committed?New_Jersey_Turnpike_Exit_11_Tollbooth_at_night_1992-e1449696622638

Mr Pompeo:  Senator, a crime was being committed, since the age of consent in New Jersey is 16.  The sodomizer’s race or ethnicity would have nothing to do with . . . .

Mr Booker: So you admit that black people are more likely to be arrested for sodomy than white people?  Yes or No!

Mr Pompeo:  With all due respect, Senator, that’s not what I said. The age of consent in New Jersey is  16, so no matter . . . .

Mr Booker: Moving on, we have to move on, since my time is limited, sir.

Mr Pompeo: Can I answer your last question?

(Cross talk)

Mr Booker:  Mr Pompeo?  Mr Pompeo?  We need to move on, sir.

goat2Suppose, sir, this same hypothetical senator from New Jersey with a 75 IQ and no inhibitions and lacking any future-oriented thinking whatsoever goes to a petting zoo.

A Muslim petting zoo.

And at that petting zoo there is a mutual attraction that develops between this hypothetical New Jersey Senator and a male goat named Malak.

In your opinion, sir, is enjoying a healthy sexual relationship with a same-sex goat who practices Islam a perversion?  Yes or no, do you believe sex with an Islamic goat is a perversion?

Mr Pompeo: I’m sorry.  Could you.  Could you please repeat the . . . .

Mr Booker: I think (cross talk) I think you just answered my question, Mr Pompeo.  Thank you.  I yield back the balance of my time.