BREAKING! Trump To Bibi — Help Us Out Or We’re Moving Our Embassy From Tel Aviv To Tegucigalpa!

caravanVEN (TEL AVIV) — Shayetet 13 forces reportedly left Israel for a secret mission in Central America late Monday night, as Mexican officials raised concerns early Tuesday that the Mossad may have infiltrated the so-called Honduran Caravan marching through Mexico to the United States,  where Caravan refugees intend to enter that country illegally in defiance of President Trump and America’s currently unenforceable immigration laws.

israeili special forcesAs one senior White House official told VEN‘s Senior Immigration Correspondent Oscar Levant  Tuesday, “Love ’em or hate ’em, no one with half a brain f**ks with the Israelis.  Netanyahu owes Trump, he knows it, and he’s more than willing to help him out.

“These Soros-backed Pueblo sin Fronteras guys have no idea what’s in store for them.

“If this action gets green-lighted, it’s going to make the 1976 Raid on Entebbe look like Baby’s kvetching  broyges with her father in Dirty Dancing.

“The Langley guys are calling it The Aztecs Get Royally F^^^ed By Cortez, Version 2.0!

36691402-funny-mexican-with-sombrero-in-concept“These guys think they’re suffering now??!

“Either they play ball, or Mexico and Honduras might very well become New Israel, complete with yarmulkes instead of sombreros, matzos and gefilte fish  instead of  tortillas, and — good luck with this, amigos —  everybody goes to Hebrew School four hours a day every goddamn day!”

Developing . . . .