Hogg Out Of The Closet? Feel The City Breakin’ And Everybody Shakin’ And We’re Stayin’ Alive!

DavidHogg (1)VEN (WEST HOLLYWOOD) — Truth-challenged,  thin, well-coiffed,   emotionally unstable teenage crisis actor David Hogg,  whose father is a retired FBI agent and former choreographer at Universal Studios, is apparently having trouble keeping his story of the Parkland School shooting “straight” — was he inside the closet during the shooting making a video on his iPhone or was he several miles away when the shooting started,  heard about the shooting in progress,  and then bicycled to the school, eluded police, entered the locked-down building during the shooting, and hid in a closet (later a bathroom) where he made his now famous video identifying Cruz as the shooter @ 3:13 PM complete with mug shot.t_1518734802038_name_la_na_david_hogg_s_experience_inside_his_florida_high_school_shooting_video_20180215

Mr Hogg has told both mutually exclusive stories to reporters. 

It now appears that the disingenuous star-struck politically-agenda’ed Mr Hogg made his video sometime after the shooting, making it appear that it was a live recording of the event when it was actually staged.

gonzalezMr Hogg’s father, Kevin Hogg, denied rumors that his son had moved in with Deney Terrio three weeks before the shooting or that the family was in negotiations with Universal Studios for a musical adaptation of the Parkland shooting with Justin Bieber playing his son David and Britney Spears cast as his son’s skinhead lesbian friend and Castro supporter, Emma González.

Developing . . . .