DC Councilman Tells Jews “Yo Bitches! Y’all Stop F***in’ Wid Muh Weathah!

Trayon (1 of 1)

VEN (WASHINGTON) — District of Columbia Councilmember Trayon White (D-Ward 8) apologized Monday for anti-semitic remarks, after accusing a cartoon character of manipulating the weather as part of an international Jewish conspiracy led by the Rothschild family to annoy inner-city People of Color (POC) with snow storms.

Mr White, a graduate of University of Maryland Eastern Shore and a senior member of the Flat Earth Society, explained that he was so annoyed to see “hella snow” in late March, that he just assumed — incorrectly — that “them Jews” must be behind it.

A contrite Mr White further explained that after talking to a smart person he now realizes that he was in error, that it was not the Jews but President Donald Trump “who be fu**in widda climate and sh!t,” and he is now demanding that the Jefferson Memorial and the White House be torn down immediately unless the President either makes the snow stop “or get me a date wid Rihanna!”

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