Che Mala Fortuna! Married Priests More Likely To Turn In Pedophiles, Vatican Study Concludes

VEN (ROME) — In a setback for clerical reformers, Vatican officials warn that “normal” men in “normal relationships” with “normal women” are more likely to out pedophile priests to authorities than unmarried priests, many of whom are active or latent pedophiles themselves and senior members of organizations like NAMBLA and Gruppo P that actively promote pedophilia.

VEN‘s Senior Religious Correspondent Justine Bertole reports that the so-called “problem with the Catholic clergy” is serious, long-standing,  and systemic, as evidenced by disgraced crypto-pederast pedophile-enabler Cardinal Law’s letter to serial abuser Father Geoghan dated 12 December 1996 on the occasion of the latter’s forced “retirement,” in which Law wrote to his friend (who was soon to be defrocked by Pope John Paul II for molesting over 130 boys and sentenced to 10 years in prison):

I understand that yours is a painful situation. That Passion we share  can indeed seem unbearable and unrelenting.

Meanwhile, on Saturday Vatican spokesperson Cardinal Mateo “The Little Sanctus Bell” Falcone, denied reports — spurred on by the recent confessions of a male escort in Rome, implicating 40 priests over a 10-year period in homoerotic debauchery — that 1 out of 1.5  priests is gay or a pedophile.

“I think that number is a little — how you say? — high.

“Hey, we don’t need no married guys hangin’ around causin’ problems, OK? We’re doin’ just-ah fine!”

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