Neanderthal Cave Art Rocks Art World!

elvis-caveVEN (MADRID) — “I don’t know much about art,” French archaeologist Emile Homais told reporters Friday from deep inside a cave outside of Madrid replete with never-before-scene Neanderthal drawings, “but I know what I like!

Et Zut Alors! That these ancient peoples had such an arresting conception of the human and pee wee herman-caveanimal form, one that is so detailed and so well preserved after millenia, well, it  is simply incomprehensible!”

Mr Homais dismissed criticisms that he and his team might be overreacting to what may be simply random forms on cave walls.

“This is not a case of naive pareidolia.  Don’t be absurd.  These are neolithic paintings — and very good ones, I might add —  pure and simple!”

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