Trump To Dems — I’m Taking Your Guns!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — In an extraordinary development — even by Trumpian standards —  a distraught President Trump — deeply affected by the mass school shooting in Florida — told a stunned Nancy Pelosi  (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer  (D-NY) at a meeting in the Oval Office late Thursday that he is planning to sign an executive order making it illegal for registered Democrats to own guns!

chuck-schumer-3According to anonymous sources present at the meeting, the President was direct and to the point, telling the Democrat Party leaders in no uncertain terms:

“You guys hate guns, you don’t want Americans to own guns.  Guns are bad. You’ve made that very clear.   You want the 2nd Amendment repealed, you’ve been saying that for years.

“OK, I get that.  Ivanka gets that.   The generals get that.   And you speak for a broad constituency, maybe 46/47% of Americans, maybe a little less, maybe a little more.  But a lot of people, OK?

pelosi-drunk2“After the Florida shooting — so bad!  Should not have happened!  I’m asking my Attorney General — a good man! — to ban the bump stocks that —  so much harm — the bump stocks — very harmful!

“Many people agree, many good people   —  that the legal age,  for the AR-15s,  we should  raise the legal age — a teenager,  so unnecessary —   to 20 or 21.

“So  — and this is so important! — after talking —  Ivanka and Jared,  General Kelly —  we’re going to issue — for the children, their welfare, so important! — a new EO, tonight, making it illegal for registered Democrats to own guns!

“You can be an example, a good example,  the test case for America!  Teach the rest of us a lesson!  And maybe — let’s see how it goes —  who knows?  After 4 years we give you your guns back or — let’s see what happens — we roll back the 2nd Amendment!”

s-huckabeeResponding to questions from reporters, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee explained that The President is once again giving Democrats an opportunity to “put their money where there mouth is.”

Responding to CNN’s James Acosta, Ms Huckabee insisted that The President is “very much looking forward to” potential  injunctions filed by activist progressive federal judges to illegally block this Executive Order, as they have with his travel bans, to prevent Democrats from losing their guns.

But should that happen, Ms Huckabee asserted, The President is confident that any challenge to his Executive Order will be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Developing . . . .