That’s When The Heartache Begins — Are DREAMERS The New Insomniacs?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Jose Gonzalez, a 38-year-old child illegal immigrant from Mexico brought here by his illegal immigrant parents when he was barely 25, wants his US citizenship.

And he wants it now.

Senior Gonzales, despierto toda la noche!

Mr Gonzalez explained through an interpreter Thursday that he is afraid that his government assistance and free everything will come to an abrupt end after the DACA protections — created by a Barack Obama executive order in 2012 —  expire on March 5, which — Mr Gonzalez believes — will cause him great hardship.

“He can’t sleep,” his ACLU attorney Max  Biolistock told VEN Thursday.

“In fact he became so alarmed at the prospect of  losing his EBT card and possibly being deported that he uncharacteristically drank himself into a stupor, robbed a 7/11, and was arrested after attempting unsuccessfully to rape his daughter and her boyfriend at gunpoint in a WALMART parking lot over the weekend.

“And all because our racist Commander In Chief refuses to follow Israel’s example and step up and do the right thing  immediately for our brave, long-suffering, undocumented population yearning to be free!”

Mr Biolistock is not alone in his condemnation of those who would seek to  deport the so-called DREAMERS.pelosi-nuts

As former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters Thursday, “Well, these Dream . . . or more . . . more correctly!   Undocumented . . . citizens.  Are . . . you know . . .  all of them.   America’s future!  And just by . . . by being . . . HERE!   Are.  In every way . . . more . . .  The Dreamers.  More . . . American than even you or I!”

Developing . . . .