Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply! Willing Is Not Enough; We Must Do!

VEN (BERLIN/KABUL) — The latest Merkel Meltdown is drawing comparisons to the much-parodied bunker scene in Der Untergang, as the combative German Chancellor lost her composure Thursday over news that Germany is being surpassed by the Netherlands in extinguishing their national heritage and  identity before the swift and inexorable onslaught of Islam.

“The most popular name in Holland is Muhammad?!” an incredulous Ms Merkel told reporters late Thursday.

“Why are we continuing to name our sons Maximilian, Oskar, Florian, Felix, Guntar, and Paul?!  Are we losing our minds!  Little Holland, insignificant Holland,  the land of  rosy-cheeked tulip eaters and fatuous windmills has overtaken GERMANY in capitulating to our ever-growing, ever-more-determined  Islamic replacement population??!!  How is that possible?!!”

According to the newspaper BILD, which referred to Ms Merkel’s September victory as a  “nightmare win,” Ms Merkel is planning to announce as early as next week that every German boy younger than 16 is to have his name changed immediately to Abdullah, without exception.

“We will not,” a determined Chancellor Merkel told senior Bundestag members,  “be left behind!”

“And this is just the beginning,” one Merkel watcher told VEN‘s Chief International Correspondent Hans Castorp.

“In the coming months you can expect crippling taxes on sausages and beer, sauerbraten, pretzels, Rhine wine, and schnitzel to accelerate the normalization of Islamic culture in the New Germany.

“It would not surprise me at all if by August the entire autobahn is shut down and turned into an open-air safe space NO GO ZONE  to accommodate  the next massive wave of replacement population immigrants who are deeply offended by the Western cultures they are subsuming — to the point of blowing themselves up in crowded urban areas —  and have never once seen even the most rudimentary of commodes (which they are wholly incapable of mastering) in their entire savage, unsanitary, violent, atavistic lives!”

Developing . . . .